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Passphrase Reset Tool

To change / reset your Passphrase, or unlock your account, you will need your Sierra College e-mail address.

What information do I need to set / reset my Passphrase?

You’ll need to use your Sierra College e-mail address as your “User ID”.

What if I do no know my email address or I need help?

Student Passphrase reset help

Faculty / Staff Passphrase reset help

What are the Passphrase requirements?

  • Must be 15 to 32 characters
  • Include at least one uppercase and one lowercase letter
  • Include at least one number
  • Cannot contain your username, first name, middle name, or last name
  • Cannot be the same as one of your last 25 Passphrases
Reset Passphrase

What do I do after I set / reset my Passphrase?

Log into mySierra using your mySierra username and your new Passphrase.

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